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Northamptonshire Analysis
The authority on Northamptonshire statistics

Our data is available at a number of geographical areas. The list below describes these areas.

To view maps of the geography boundaries on this page please visit our Map Library.

Administrative geography

County: The administrative county boundary for Northamptonshire.

District: There are four borough councils and three district councils in Northamptonshire.

Electoral division: Currently in Northamptonshire there are 57 electoral divisions, each represented by a single Councillor.

Borough and district electoral wards: Borough and District electoral wards use different boundaries within the borough and district boundaries.

Council Name Number of electoral wards
Corby Borough Council
Daventry District Council
East Northamptonshire District Council
Kettering Borough Council
Northampton Borough Council
South Northamptonshire Borough Council
Borough Council of Wellingborough


Parishes: Parishes operate independently of other levels of Government such as district/borough councils and county councils although they maintain a close working relationship.

Statistical geography

There are two sets of these geographies available on the site. The most recent (MSOA 2011, LSOA 2011) which were created by the ONS after the 2011 census and the set created after the previous census in 2001. (LSOAs and MSOAs) The figures below reference the most recent set. Most data is now released at the 2011 groupings however, some data publishers continue to use the old geographies and some historical data/products are only available at them.

Middle layer super output area (MSOA) Middle layer super output areas are made up of LSOA’s. There are 90 MSOA’s in the county. Each MSOA has between 5,000 and 15,000 people.

Lower layer super output area (LSOA)Lower layer super output areas are made up of output areas. There are 422 LSOA’s in the county. Each LSOA has between 1,000 and 3,000 people.

Output area (OA)Output areas represent the lowest geographical area at which census outputs are provided. There are 2,231 output areas in the county. Each output area has approximately 125 households.For further information on geographical areas please go to the Office for National Statistics website

Other Geographies

Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Locality: CCG localities will come into force on 01 April 2013.

Local Enterprise Partnerships: Voluntary partnerships between local authorities and businesses set up in 2011 by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to help determine local economic priorities and lead economic growth and job creation within the local area.


Included in the metadata are available areas (spatial), listed here are all the geographies the data has been released at by the source. Any groupings that have been created by aggregation within the system will not show in the list. These include Locality Forums and Community Safety Partnership Areas.

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