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Migration (NINos) Update

22 February 2018

In the year to end December 2017, 12062 overseas nationals living in Northamptonshire were allocated National Insurance Numbers. Following a slump in numbers over the last quarter, this is the lowest quarterly (rolling 12 month) figure since March 2015 and a decrease over the last year of 11.2% since the peak number of allocations logged for the year to end December 2016. However in comparison, over the last year the national decrease has been 18.1% as part of a steady slide in numbers from a national peak much earlier for the year to end of June 2015.

The Northamptonshire decrease since the December 2016 peak is driven by a decrease in the numbers of allocations to applicants from the EU8 Accession States of 30.9% (similar to the national average decrease), alongside a 20.5% decrease in applicants from the EU15 states (also similar to the national average). The difference in Northamptonshire has been the continuing arrival of persons from the EU2 states of Bulgaria and Romania up to a peak in September 2017 compared to a national peak in these EU2 nationals logged slightly earlier at the end of December 2016. Over the last year (Dec 17 compared to Dec 16) the county's decrease in EU2 NINo allocations has only been 3.1% compared to a national decrease of 17.6%. The next set of figures due in May 2018 will be of particular interest to confirm whether the recent decrease in EU2 allocations in Northamptonshire is the beginning of a trend .... or not!

At a District level, Corby and Northampton follow the 'peak last quarter' pattern, while the total number of NINo allocations in Wellingborough have been decreasing since December 2016.

Four MSOAs in the county continue to record NINo allocations of more than 500 in the preceding 12 months. Three of these are in central Northampton : N023 Semilong & Town Centre West; N023 The Mounts and N025 Town Centre South towards Hospitial/Well.Road. The fourth MSOA is in Corby : C006 Kingswood.

This data can be found in the National Insurance Number Allocations to Adult Overseas Nationals dataview.

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